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American Legion Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291

Legion Year 19 – 20 Newsletter No. 2


September, 2019


Dear Legionnaires 親愛的會友

We sincerely hope your summer was a good one. The Post will be busy working on the upcoming 75th anniversary celebration next June. We would like to remind you once again to step forward and volunteer your time and effort to ensure we have a successful celebration. We would like to encourage you to start working on your articles, viewpoints and commentary. Suggested topics for your writing could include historical recollection, personal experiences while in the armed services or life in the USA in general, as well as Kimlau Post related activities. If you’d like to share memories, please submit your military related photos for possible selection to print in the 75th Anniversary commemorative journal.

Those of you who registered for the Chinese American World War II Veterans Congressional Gold Medal with the Chinese American Citizen Alliance (CACA) to receive your medal by Veterans Day will have to wait a little longer. CACA has notified us that it is taking much more time than anticipated for the U.S. Mint to finalize and approve the design of the medal. The new target date will be sometime next spring. We will pass along any updated information to our members once we receive it.

Outgoing National Commander Brett Reistad spoke about the American Legion’s achievements over the past century. He was also proud of the historical accomplishments that the American Legion attained last year at the National Convention in Indianapolis. He was very pleased that the U.S. Congress and the White House have agreed to expand the definition of war eras to include all who served since December 7, 1941. The newly signed “Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service Act”, also known as The Legion Act, honors those veterans who are eligible to join the American Legion. The passage of this legislation allows those veterans have served honorably from December 7, 1941, who had been previously excluded by the Legion are now eligible to join. He said he always believed a veteran is a veteran. He is glad about the passage of the Blue Water for Navy veterans; now they are finally allowed to receive the disability benefits they deserve. He talked about the VA Mission Act, which will give the VA the ability to reform VA health-care infrastructure, streamline community care and increase access to private-sector health care. Commander Reistad was especially proud of how the American Legion members came together to support the Coast Guard when the government shutdown, cutting off their paychecks. The American Legion provided $1 million of financial assistance to the Coast Guard families with children.

Incoming National Commander Bill Oxford of North Carolina in his acceptance speech also praised members of the American Legion for what they have accomplished in the past century. He said “The things we did yesterday, we do today and we will do tomorrow are building the foundation for the future of our organization”. He appealed to the delegates and all of the members that we are all stakeholders in this organization; he needs everyone to be on his team to get off another 100 terrific years.

Vice President Mike Pence noted during the 101st National Convention of The American Legion, “The American Legion is making a difference for our veterans.” He also told the legionnaires that the White House has made it easier for veterans to access their health care benefits. He said the scandal at the VA is over and that more than 7,000 VA employees have been fired for negligence over the fate of our veterans. He reiterated that under this President and this administration, we will always stand for the national anthem; just like the American Legion, we will always defend the freedom and sacrifice it represents.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie in his address to the legionnaires strongly stressed that the VA is the best option for care for veterans and should never be replaced, replicated or privatized. He said the

New VA Mission Act, the most successful piece of legislation since the GI Bill, has revolutionized the VA’s job to fit the needs of veterans, instead of forcing America’s veterans to design their health care around the needs of the VA bureaucracy. He also happy to let the delegates know, I am the only member of the president’s cabinet who was ordered not to present any budget cuts to the Office of Management and Budget.

Fellow legionnaire and a Medal of Honor recipient James McCloughan received a rousing standing ovation when he thanked the thousands of veterans in attendance for their service. “When it was your turn to serve, you didn’t run and hide,” he said. “You joined and took the place alongside others to fight. You raised your right hand, took the military oath and reaffirmed your commitment to the American and its ideals. You signed your family’s name on a line and you agreed to die for your country, its people and our way of life, it came down to that.”

In July, the Post leaders also attended the 101st Department Convention in Buffalo, New York. Mike McDermott of Burns-McCauliffe Post 465, Cortland County, and 6th District was elected Department Commander of the Legion for 2019-2020. Commander McDermott is a U.S. Navy veteran and a former village mayor. Also, congratulations are in order for our Adjutant Gabe Mui as he was elected Department Vice Commander of the 1st and 9th District.





來自北卡羅來納州新上任美國退伍軍人會主席比爾、牛津致詞中也讚揚了美國退伍軍人會會員在過去一個世紀取得的成就。 他說:“我們昨天所做的事情,我們今天所做的事情以及我們明天將要做的事情正在為美國退伍軍人會的未來奠定基礎”。 他呼籲代表們和所有會員,我們都是美國退伍軍人會的重要份子; 他鼓勵每一個會員都要為未來一百年繼續為退伍軍人會發揚光大努力。

副總統邁克、彭斯在美國退伍軍人會第一百零一屆全國代表大會上指出:“美國退伍軍人會正在為我們的退伍軍人帶來改變。”他還告訴各代表,白宮讓退伍軍人更容易獲得醫療保健福利。 他說,退伍軍人事人事部過去的醜聞已經結束,超過七千名退伍軍人人事部員工因疏忽我們的退伍軍人而被解僱。 他重申,在川普總統和在本屆政府的領導下,我們將永遠尊重美國國及國歌; 就像美國退伍軍人會一樣,我們不能將所有為捍衛國家自由及軍人的犧牲而前功盡棄。


亦是美國退伍軍人會會員及獲得國家最高榮譽軍人忠勇勳章的詹姆斯、麥克勞恩在感謝出席年會代表的服務時獲得了熱烈的歡呼。 “當輪到你服務時,你沒有逃避,”他說。 “你加入軍隊與其他人並肩作戰。 你舉起右手,宣誓並重申你對國家及其理想的承諾。 你簽了你的名字,你願意為你的國家,人民和我們的自由而犧牲,這就是你們每一位立下的決定。“


1. Post Activities 會務

The following motions were approved during the June 30, 2019 General Meeting:


a. Approved the Lt. Kimlau Post 1291 2019-2020 budget plan.


b. Approve PPC Mark Eng to fill the vacant Assistance Adjutant position.


c. Approve new members of the “Post Scholarship Committee” (Gabe Mui, Don Yee and Antonio Chuy) for the LY 2019-2022 term.

通過本會獎學金委員會新成員 – 梅本立、余超俊、朱超然,三人任期為二零一九至二零二二零年。

d. Approved new members of the “Post Compliance Committee” (Arvin Chin, Yuek C. Moy and Thomas Ong) for the LY 2019-2022 term.

通過本會順從法令委員會新成員 – 陳毓堂、梅若松、鄧燦業,三人任期為二零一九至二零二二年。

e. Approved to appoint Retired Judge, Honorable Randall Eng as the Post Judge Advocate Consultant for LY 2019-2020.


f. Approved to appoint Robert E. Lee, Esq. as the Post Legal Consultant for LY 2019-2020.


g. Approved a one-time $25.00 2019 transportation reimbursement for meetings and functions to all members with over 15 years of good standing membership status with the Lt. Kimlau Post (as determined by Post records as of June 2019). Deadline to claim the special reimbursement is December 31, 2019. See attached notice for special conditions with this motion.


h. Approved to participate in the Lower Manhattan Historical Association’s July 4th Independence Date Parade and lunch for Legion, Auxiliary and SAL members after the parade.


i. Approve the endorsement of Adjutant Gabe Mui to serve as Department Vice Commander for 2019-2020.


j. Approve to provide full support to the New York County of this year’s Department Commander visitation activities.


2. News/Announcement/Gossip

The 2019-2020 Membership cards have arrived and ready for pick up. Members can remit the $25.00 membership dues by mail or in person. Members eligible (fifteen or more continuous membership years) for the Post 2019 Transportation Reimbursement can substitute this payment for annual dues and should consult the attached notice for additional information (See Para 1g above).


3. Taps 仙逝會員

We are sad to report the following legionnaires have passed on to the Commander of us all post everlasting.


May Our Comrades Rest In Peace!

Richard C. Lee 李 卓 豪 (May 18)

Edwin Lee 李 拔 龍 (Jul 18)


4. New/Transfer Members 新入會會員

There were total of six new members approved by the last two General meetings



Jenda Wu (Gulf – Navy)

Waiki Law 羅 慧 琪 (Gulf – Army)

Henry Wong (Gulf – Army)

Ieong Chan 陳 洋 (Gulf – Navy)

Wenjin Huang 黃 文 晉 (Gulf – Navy)

David Lu 廬 翰 暘 (Gulf – Navy)


Please join us to welcome the above new members. Hope to see all of you in future functions.


We hope the above information will be of interest to you and we hope to hear from you soon. Let us know what we can do for you. Until we meet again, stay well!





Antonio Chuy 朱超然

Randall Eng伍元天, Kai S. Chung 李禎年, Howard Chin 陳煥寧

Gabe B. Mui 梅本立, Mark Eng伍顯宗

David Lam 林善群, Paul Tam譚煥瑜



Do You Know

We Will Celebrate Our 75th Anniversary In 2020

The Post Will Publish a Journal to Commemorate This Special Event

And We Need Your HELP!



1. Articles – Historical recollection, suggestion and commentary (past, present and future)….related to our Post

2. Articles – Personal experience (humor or otherwise) while in the armed services or life in the USA

3. Pictures – About Post related activities

4. Any comic, art works that are of good taste



No Pay, No Benefits, No Vacation

But….we promise lots of hard work and fun – You can tell us what you like to do or

We can assign you a task.

We need all the helps we can get to pull this off.

This will be a TEAM effort

Please be part of the TEAM!


Interested or For More Information

Contact Historian Mimi Wang, Adjutant Gabe Mui, Commander Antonio Chuy




一 凡具有本會歷史性之文章,例如本會始初籌劃組織之沿革以及成立後所經歷的犖犖大事。

二 對本會成立七十五年之回顧與前瞻。

三 對本會將來發展之建議。請詳列所建議之步驟與計劃。

四 從軍期間個人觀感。

五 服役期間所遇的趣聞趣事。

六 文藝園地,凡詩詞歌賦,小品文,雜文,時事論文,旅行遊記等等。

七 各種活動相片,只限在軍中服役或與本會有關並具紀念性之精選為主(用完後原相奉還)。

八 會員如有繪畫,書法,封面或圖案設計,漫畫等專長者,歡迎提供協助。





Attachment 附件

2019 Transportation Reimbursement Procedure 領取二零一九年車馬費辦法

Please note new requirement for transportation reimbursement



  1. Post approved for a one time 2019 transportation reimbursement of $25.00 for members who have 15 or more years of good standing membership with our Post as of June 1, 2019.



2.  This one time reimbursement must be claimed by the member, following conditions listed under paragraph 3 below. Any reimbursement not claimed after December 31, 2019 shall be automatically forfeited.



3. There are four ways for members to claim the 2019 Transportation Reimbursement :

a. Members can personally visit the Post (Office hours 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily)

b. Members can personally call the Post (212-925-5528 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm daily)

c. Members can submit in writing request for the reimbursement (Address: 191 Canal St., NYC, NY 10013)

d. Members can email to Post (email:



a. 會員可以親臨本會辦理,辦公時間為每日下午二時至四時。

b. 會員可以致電本會辦理,電話號碼為 212-925-5528 辦公時間為每日下午二時至四時。

c. 會員可以致函本會辦理,地址: 191 Canal St., NYC, NY 10013

d. 會員可以電郵本會辦理,電郵地址:


4. Member wishes to substitute the 2019 transportation reimbursement for the LY 2019-2020 membership dues should following paragraph 3 above and indicate such. This is the recommended method to all members as it will reduce administrated time, increase efficiency and cut down on postage cost for our Post.

為節省大家時間、增進本會工作效率及減少郵資費用起見,本會鼓勵會員以二零一九年車馬費代繳二零一九至二零二零年度會費, 請照上述四項方法通知本會辦理。






Pentagon to Open Online Exchange Shopping to Vets in 2017

A Defense Department retail board has given the green light to a plan to open online exchange shopping to all honorably discharged veterans, with hopes of starting the program on Veterans Day in 2017.

To get started, please visit the site to register:

The Exchange is excited to welcome Veterans of all United States Armed Forces as part of the Veterans online shopping benefit. We will soon be able to serve you through the lifelong shopping privileges you’ve rightfully earned.