April, 2016

Dear Legionnaires 親愛的會友:

As most of you have already seen the newly renovated second floor “Chairman Peter Woo Auditorium” – dedicated in honor of his long and committed services to the Lt B. R. Kimlau Post – we are now ready to embark on the second phase of the Post renovation project. We have drawn up plans to renovate the third floor. Undoubtedly, all day-to-day operations of the post will face some inconvenience and interruption during this period. If you need to contact our post headquarters, please be patient and bear with us in case of a delay. We will do our best to serve your needs. The anticipated time table for the renovation will be completed before the next Legion Year begins, unless some unforeseen problems occur that alter the renovation schedule. All post operations will continue; social gathering and game playing will be shifted to the second floor while post operations will continue to take place on the third floor – shifting from room to room while the renovations are taking place.


We want to thank the members and their families for joining us at the lunar New Year Eve celebration at Delight 28 Restaurant and the brand new Joy Luck Palace Restaurant. We hope the year of the Monkey brings everyone good health and prosperity. The dinner was enjoyed by over 700 members and their families. The ultimately successful dinner did not start off smoothly, especially for everyone responsible for the planning of this special annual event. First, we learned that our reservation at the now closed Grand Harmony Restaurant would not be honored due to the restaurant’s financial difficulty that caused it to go out of business. Then a new owner took over and started major renovations. The new owner promised the restaurant would be ready for our dinner celebration. Later, we learned they ran into problems with the gas permit that may have delayed the completion schedule. One can imagine the anxiousness we all felt. Fortunately, we were informed by the owner just days before our celebration that the restaurant would open for business the day after our dinner, but they would still host our dinner as scheduled, the night before. The restaurant was equipped with a modern sound system and a huge screen that rivals the jumbo display at Yankees Stadium. We were rewarded with a great night of karaoke without incurring any additional charges.


As we have done in the last few years, we would like to once again to remind our members to step forward to serve. We understood that most of you are either busy with school, building your career or spending some valuable time with family, but if you have time and would like to get involved, we are here to guide you along. Just let us know that you can help. Or at the very least, come join the post’s activities and support our programs.


Please note that in order to make it easier for students to arrange for transcripts to be sent to us while they are still in school the post has revised the scholarship application period. The scholarship application submittal period will now be from January 1st to August 31st.


本會二樓禮堂於去年翻新裝修,煥然一新,受到衆多會員及戚友讚賞,並在七月期間舉行了既簡 單又隆重的揭幕儀式,重新命名為「伍覺良董事長禮堂」以嘉獎伍覺良董事長歷年來對本會偉大 的貢獻。本會現正進行會所翻新裝修第二階段,三樓裝修計劃大致上已經完成,如無意料不到的阻礙,裝修工程將於五月底完成。但在裝修工程期間,本會一切日常運作將會配合裝修工程需要,雖然仍然繼續辦工,但因臨時搬遷,如你有任何需求,我們未必能及時回應,請大家耐心等待及 體諒,我們竭盡所能為你服務,而一切日常聚會及遊戲將移到二樓舉行。


本會非常感謝各位會員及眷屬參加本年度在喜運來及彩福樓舉行的團年晚宴,祝各位猴年快樂,身體健康。今年團年晚宴非常特殊及困難重重,團年晚宴一向設在喜萬年酒樓因業務不景,在去年十一月宣告結業。幸好有商家願意接管及重新改裝,預料可以在一月上旬問始營業,但在裝修期間,又遇到煤氣管更換及申請許可證延遲等問題,你可以想像到本會辦事人的焦慮。幸好彩福樓新東主確保在一月中旬開始營業,更特別為我們團年晚宴在營業前一晚舉行。新餐廳裡配備了 現代化的音響系統和大屏幕,當天晚上會員們享受免費卡拉OK 娛興,大家歡樂而歸。