September, 2015

Dear Legionnaires 親愛的會友:

The Post’s second floor auditorium went through an extensive renovation. The brand new auditorium was formally dedicated on July 4th and renamed in honor of our long time chairman, who contributed greatly in purchasing the Post’s permanent Headquarters, the “Chairman Peter Woo Auditorium”. The unveiling ceremony was attended by the chairman’s family and the Chinatown media.

During his inauguration acceptance speech last year, National Commander Helm pledged to raise four million dollars to support legion programs such as the National Emergency Fund, the Legacy Scholarship Fund and other programs during his year in office. At the time, that seemed to be a lofty goal which had never been reached before. Much to the surprise of convention delegates and thanks to the donations and hard work of the legionnaires, Commander Helm announced that the total donations for the year exceeded all expectations, making him the first seven million dollar commander. A job well done, Commander Helm!

Delegates of the 97th National Convention unanimously elected Dale Barnett of Fayetteville, Georgia as National Commander to lead the nation’s largest veteran organization for a one-year term. Commander Barnett’s message to the Legionnaires was “Duty, Honor, and Country.” He said those three words have great meaning in his life. He further explained: Duty, “The first lesson you learn in basic training, your life depends on it, and the life of your buddies”; Honor, “It was an honor to wear the uniform”; Country, “Our country needs us; it is the greatest country on Earth”. He felt those three words also fit the American Legion’s principles and he challenged all of us to see them with our eyes and live them in our heart. For the second year, Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald addressed the convention delegates on the subject of veterans’ care. He said the problems that plagued the VA Hospitals across the country and affected millions of veterans waiting for care have improved. Even though there is still a lot more work to be done, he promised with the initiatives that were put in place in the past year, the VA Hospital is working harder and smarter to improve on providing care to veterans. He said, “We’re not perfect, but we’re better”. The convention delegates also approved the due increase resolution. The $5 dollar
increase will take effect on January 1, 2016. Our Post will review and determine what action the post will take in the coming months to address the due increase.

In July, the Post leaders also attended the 97th Department Convention in Buffalo, New York. James Yermas, an Amsterdam native, Fred Van de Bogart Post 701, Montgomery County, and 4th District was elected Department Commander of the Legion for 2015 2016. Also, congratulations are in order for our Adjutant Gabe Mui as he was elected 1st District Vice Commander.



出席第九十六屈全國年會代表一致推選來自喬治亞州費耶特維爾市的戴爾、巴尼特為二零一五至二零一六年度全國退伍軍人總會主席。巴尼特主席今年的宗旨是「責任,榮譽和國家。」他說這三個詞對他的人生有很大的影響,他進一步解釋: 責任,「是你在入營受訓時學習的第一課,你的生命依賴於它與及您的好友的生命亦賴於它」; 榮譽,「能有穿著美國軍隊制服的機會是一種榮譽」; 國家,「這個偉大的國家需要我們」。他覺得這三個詞的意義也非常契合美國退伍軍人會的原則,我們應銘記於心,言行一致去實踐服務精神及效忠國家。退伍軍人事務部部長羅伯特·麥當勞與去年一樣再一次以退伍軍人因長期等待退伍軍人醫院醫療而引致在棑期致死亡仍末得到醫治為主題。他說,影響數以百萬計等待照顧退伍軍人的問題已稍有改善。雖然退伍軍人醫院醫療仍需繼續努力,他相信過去一年已實行的措施令到各方面有名顕的改善。他強調:「我們並末達到理想,但我們會更加努力慕求更好成果」。年會代表通過增加五元會費議案,此五元會費將在明年一月一日開始生效。本會將在未來數月內作出決定是否退隨總會增加各會員費五元。