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American Legion Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291

Legion Year 17 – 18 Newsletter No. 1

June, 2017


Dear Legionnaires 親愛的會友:


May is Asian/Pacific Americans Heritage Month. The US Army’s North East Medical Area Readiness Support Group (NE-MARSG) recognized the contribution of Chinese-Americans. On May 20th, Post Commander Kenneth Wong, Adjutant Gabe Mui, Historian Mimi Wang and Chaplain Philip Eng were invited by Col. saladin-Muhammad of the NE-MARSG stationed at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island to speak about their personal, military and American Legion experiences and to receive an award. Commander Wong told everyone that his great grandfather was a railroad worker who helped build the Transcontinental Railroad and discussed how early immigrants struggled to assimilate. Adjutant Mui briefed the audience on how the American Legion has been serving veterans, youths, community and the nation since 1917. He also spoke about the many programs in the American Legion which have benefited so many veterans and children. Historian Wang and Chaplain Eng both spoke about their military experience. Historian Wang advised the audience, consisting of Army reservists, on how to make the best of their time in the service, since she too was a reservist for twenty-six years.


What an honor it was for the Lt. Kimlau post to host a parade and a wreath laying ceremony when U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao and her father, Dr. James C. S. Chao visited Chinatown on Memorial Day weekend. CCBA President Jerry Shao and community leaders also participated in the parade along Mott Street and the wreath laying ceremony at Kimlau Memorial. In her speech, Secretary Chao thanked the Chinese-American veterans for their sacrifices and their contribution in defending and preserving the freedom we all enjoy today.


The Legion, Auxiliary and SAL Legion Year 2017-2018 officers took their oaths on June 3rd, 2017. Please join us in congratulating them for a successful year. We would like to thank you for your support and trust. The officers’ installation took place in the Chairman Peter Woo Auditorium and many Legion and community leaders attended. Guests included five members of the Boston Chinatown Post. Commander Kenneth Wong proudly proclaimed the Post’s continuing success. He thanked the Past Commanders for their guidance, encouragement and all of the officers’ cooperation to make his job much easier. He singled out the major influence and important contribution by former chairman Peter Woo. Even in his late 90s, he is in relatively good health and comes to the post on a daily basis. He made a point to recognize Chairman Peter Woo for his instrumental decision to purchase the post headquarters building to allow our post the foundation to continue to flourish.


Commander Kenneth Wong also pledged to uphold the American Legion’s goals and principles and to carry on the fine traditions that were built before him. At the banquet he saluted the active WWII veterans in attendance, the greatest generation, with a patriotic shadow box that bears the name, rank and commendation medals they earned while they bravely served our nation.


為慶祝亞太裔傳統月,表彰亞太裔軍人對國家作傑出貢獻,美國陸軍東北區醫療預備役司令部上校薩拉丁-穆罕默德邀請紐約華裔美國退伍軍人會前往位於史丹頓島的話斯和庫軍營向駐扎該基地的軍人發表演說,與現役軍人們交流個人及軍旅經歷並領取表揚獎狀。主席黃建中,幹事梅本立,會歷王咪咪及宗教主任伍沃欽一行四人應前往,為一眾預備役軍人分享作為華裔軍人的軍旅經歷所遭遇的身份挑戰。黃建中主席說他曾祖父是鐡路華工,在十九世紀建築跨美國鐡路的早期華人的艱辛及不公的遭遇。幹事梅本立細述美國退伍軍人會的組織及其對退伍軍人,青少年及社區 的各項服務,自一九一九年創會至今仍然不斷地執行會旨服務社區及國家。會歷王咪咪及宗教主任說及他們軍旅經歷,王咪咪更鼓勵他們充分利用在服役期間去爭取上進,這是她累積二十六年預備役的最好提供。






2017 Scholarship 二零一七年獎學金

Applications for the 2017 Post Scholarship and the Robert S. Wong Chinese Study Scholarship are being accepted through August 31, 2017. For details concerning qualifications and requirements, please refer to previous newsletters or contact Post Headquarters. Application Forms can be obtained at Post Headquarters during office hours (2 pm to 4 pm daily) or downloaded directly from our website at Anyone who wishes to apply should contact our Post for more information.


本會二零一七 年獎學金及司徒旺中國文化獎學金申請日期由一月一日起至八月三十一日止。如你需要有關兩項獎學金詳情,可以參閱以往的會務簡訊或向本會辦公室詢問,有意報名申請者請於該期間填妥表格及預備各種文件,送交本會。獎學金申請表格請於本會辦公時間親臨本會索取或可由本會電腦網站www.ltkimlau.com直接下戴。如有疑問,請與本會聯系。