January, 2015

Dear Legionnaires 親愛的會友:

We sincerely hope the Holiday Season brought everyone good health and happiness. The Lunar New Year is right around the corner and we wish you and your families a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous New Year, the year of the Monkey.

The Post has been busy the last few months with many activities. In October, post members participated in the Republic of China Double Ten Parade in Chinatown. In November, the post hosted the annual Veteran’s Day Parade on November 8th instead of the traditional November 11th to accommodate members who wished to participate in “America’s Parade” hosted by the United War Veterans on Fifth Avenue. The Thanksgiving Party was held on November 22nd in the newly dedicated Chairman Peter Woo Auditorium and 3rd floor where close to 300 Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of American Legion members, family and friends attended and enjoyed the holiday meal. Many thanks to Past Commander Mimi Wang for helping to purchase the goodies for a gift package sent to two of our members serving in Afghanistan. The individual packages included handwritten cards by school children.

Good news for veterans who are seeking help on various veterans’ benefits. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, with strong support from members of the City Council and veterans’ communities, has signed into law the creation of a new agency, the Department of Veterans’ Services. This took place aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. The Department of Veterans’ Services is charged with helping veterans sign up for benefits, find jobs, locate housing, avoid homelessness, access scholarship and more. The new Department will replace the current veterans’ agency, the Mayor’s Office of Veteran’s Affairs (MOVA), which is mostly ineffective, under staffed, and lacking the authority to deal with the increasing needs of the City’s 225,000 veterans.

We once again would like to remind you of the importance of the DD214 “Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty”; what is commonly known as the discharge paper among veterans. The DD214 is the capstone military service document as it represents the complete, verified record for service members’ time in the military, awards and medals, and all other pertinent service information. You need the DD214 to prove your service in order to join the American Legion. It is also required by funeral directors to immediately prove eligibility for interment in a VA cemetery and provide military honors to a deceased veteran. Most importantly, you need the DD214 to secure veterans benefits such as using VA doctors and hospitals and obtaining property tax reductions from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Over the last few months, the Post has received quite a few urgent requests for DD214 from our member’s families. Unfortunately, we were not able to help with these urgent needs because we did not have our member’s discharge papers. Approximately a dozen years ago, our Post initiated a program to safe keep the discharge papers for all of our members. We had appealed to everyone to bring in a copy of their DD214 (or we would make a copy of your original DD214) and keep it in a locked cabinet. Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this program, please contact Post Headquarters or bring in a copy at your convenience during the office hours of 2:00 to 4:00 pm daily. The Post already has copies of the DD214 for most members who joined after 1997 (except for those members who were still in active duty when they joined). We have been safe keeping your copy of the DD214 that you provided with your membership application. If you cannot locate your original DD214, you should think about applying for a replacement. You can find more information about how to obtain a replacement online by visiting the government website We will do our best to help if you need a replacement but don’t have Internet access or if you need help filling out the application.

We were pleased to hand out Post Scholarship awards to ten well deserving recipients during the recent Post annual Christmas party, with each winner receiving $500. We would like to congratulate them on their outstanding achievement and wish them continued success in their future endeavors. We also handed out five Robert S. Wong Chinese Study Scholarship Awards. All award recipients completed a certified course in Chinese Study. Please note that the post has revised the scholarship application period to allow students to submit their scholarship applications from January 1st to August 31st.



本會再一次提醒退役證書DD214的重要,退役證書裏記載了一切有關每個軍人在軍隊內服役的記錄,服役期間,職位的升遷,頒獎的勛章及其它重要個人履歷。美國退伍軍人會規定每一個新會員入會時需提供一份DD214以證實其服役記錄是否合格成為會員。若果會員在去世時希望享用軍人墳場及軍人應有的殯葬儀式及殊榮,這DD214是不可缺少的一份文件,更重要的是你需要有DD214才能領取一切軍人利益如退伍軍人醫療, 房屋感稅等等。

在過去數月內,曾有不少會員的家屬因急需而要求本會提供他們親人的DD214,可惜有很多會員並沒有寄存一份DD214在本會。約十二年前,本會提供一項為會員便利的服務,曾呼籲各會員將一份DD214寄存於本會,如你希望寄存一份DD214於本會,請你於本會辦公時間每日下干二時至四時將一份DD214帶到本會。會員於一九九七年後參加本會(除非你入會時仍然在服役中)則不需將你的DD214帶到本會,因為你入會時本會已經收存了你的DD214。如你找不到或遺失了你的DD214但希望能補領一份,你可以上網到美國政府的網站 索取有關補發DD214 的資料,如你沒有電腦或需要幫助,我們會盡力幫助你補領一份DD214。