Pentagon to Open Online Exchange Shopping to Vets in 2017

A Defense Department retail board has given the green light to a plan to open online exchange shopping to all honorably discharged veterans, with hopes of starting the program on Veterans Day in 2017.

To get started, please visit the site to register:

The Exchange is excited to welcome Veterans of all United States Armed Forces as part of the Veterans online shopping benefit. We will soon be able to serve you through the lifelong shopping privileges you’ve rightfully earned.



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American Legion Lt. B. R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291
Legion Year 17 – 18 Newsletter No. 2
September, 2017

Dear Legionnaires 親愛的會友:

The Post has reviewed its qualifications for its transportation reimbursement policy for members which was updated last year and increased to thirty (30) continuous years. It was deemed a necessary step due to the weak financial outlook for the coming year. As the Post finances continue to improve, the post has approved reducing the continuous years from thirty (30) to fifteen (15) to be eligible for the transportation reimbursement during the June membership meeting. During the past year, the Post encountered numerous inquiries from members that had not achieved the necessary continuous years for reimbursement asking why they had to pay membership dues. We would like to remind our members that every member is obligated and responsible for their dues. As a matter of fact, the current membership dues for every member are set by the American Legion National Headquarters and the New York Department Headquarters at thirty-eight dollars. The Post has been absorbing membership due increases for years and continues to hold membership dues constant at twenty-five dollars. This means every member is receiving a substantial subsidy of thirteen dollars.

After being the first woman unanimously elected as National Commander to lead the nation’s largest veteran organization for a one-year term, Denise Rohan of Post 385 in Verona, Wisconsin had one question for the delegates of the 99th National Convention in Reno, Nevada: “Are you ready?” “Are you ready to continue to join forces as part of the nation’s largest veteran service organization’s family?” Commander Rohan said her theme for the year is “Family First”; “we are not here to judge one another, we are here to nurture and take care of one another.” She challenged legionnaires to treat each other in the same spirit of love and support like an extended family.

President Trump addressed the convention delegates in Reno, Nevada by thanking the American Legion for working tirelessly over the years to speak up on veteran’s issues. President Trump said, “one year ago at this gathering, I promised you that I would make it a priority to fix the broken VA system and deliver to our veterans the care they so richly deserve.” President Trump signed the bipartisan bill, H. R. 2288, The Veterans Appeal Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 on the convention floor witnessed by all delegates to allow veterans to choose one of the three “lanes” that best suit his or her needs on the appeal process. Veterans currently facing average wait times of five years for the appeal will expect it to shorten to 125 days. It is truly a historical event many long suffering veterans will benefit from for years to come. President Trump also addressed other key issues including the American Flag. He said “It is time to heal the wounds that have divided us, and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. We are one people, with one home, and one flag.”

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin addressed the convention delegates on the subject of veterans’ care. He said the problems that plagued the VA Hospitals across the country and affected millions of veterans waiting for care have improved. He acknowledged that there is evidence that veterans are trusting their VA facilities more than in the past. He said the VA’s major priority for this year is to get the Choice Program working; cut the red tape and allow veterans’ greater choice over their care. Along with the Choice Program, he also said his priorities include Modernizing VA, Improving Timeliness of Services, Focusing Resources More Effectively and Addressing Suicide Prevention. He stressed that he will never let the VA system to be privatized.

In July, the Post leaders also attended the 99th Department Convention in Syracuse, New York. Rena M. Nessler of Winnek Post 296, Ontario County, and 7th District was elected Department Commander of the Legion for 2017-2018. Commander Nessler became the first woman to be elected as commander of Department of New York. Also, congratulations are in order for our Past Commander Harvard Tang as he was elected 1st District Vice Commander.

本會經商討後重新決定更改去年議決的車馬費領取條件,將由三十年改為入會十五年合格領取車馬費。去年更改車馬費領取條件最重要原因是本會來年經濟預算未如理想,本會一切開支需要從減。自從車馬費議案更改後,本會已經收到不少會員來電詢問及表示他們感到迷惘,並一致表達他們的會費向來由軍人會代繳,為何今年要自己繳交。我們要提醒大家, 每一個會員都有繳交會費的責任。其實會費是由全國總會及紐約州總會規定是三十八元,過去屢次總會增收會費時本會都沒增加會費,仍維持二十五元會費,其實每個會員已經享受本會十三元的補助。